HIV and Amoebiasis

Over the long Holy Week (end), I had Intestinal Amoebiasis.

Not really surprising as I live in a tropic and developing country. The question I am perplexed with is where the hell did I get this shit?

It started Tuesday night when I was at the office. After having my one-hour break, my tummy started to ache and I felt some fever and chills. Knowing the office has a centralized air conditioning system, I ignored the fever and chills and focused more on my tummy. I thought it was the Spanish Tuna I ate. Come Wednesday, my fever started to get worse and chills were pounding my body, I thought this was the effect of having a direct contact with the AC unit – my work station is where the ventilation of AC.

Went home and started the long vacation coz the Lenten week. Before heading home, I went to the groceries to pick up some food for this vacation.. my fever and chills were rising at its peak this time.  Then my tummy started to rumble and rushed my food shopping and hurriedly went home having this explosive diarrhea. 

Feeling weak and exhausted, I slept early hoping when I wake up this will get better. But no.

Fever, chills, body ache and diarrhea went ballistic up until Friday noon. Things went different late afternoon where this diarrhea became “bloody”. It was like Strawberry Kool Aid. I went paranoid and researched online – from food poisoning to Colitis to Colon Cancer.

I called my cousin doctor to ask what to do and she requested a stool analysis at a local hospital. Went for the fecalysis and urinalysis and waited a couple of minutes for the results – I was lucky that time as I was the only patient in the emergency room so I have the luxury of being entertained very well.

The results were out and there’s the bold typeface – ENTAMOEBA HISTOLYTICA CYSTS: 8-12 units.

“Like how in the hell I got this parasite?” I have a gut feeling I had this through a food stall.

Doctor prescribed Metronidazole for one week, it’s now my 4th day as of this writing, and I’m now feeling better. This have left a paranoia on my end not to eat and trust all kinds of food, be it on a restaurant or street food. From now on, will bring my own bottled water wherever I dine or go and completely wash my hands from time to time.

After being diagnosed with HIV, I started to be a Hypochondriac – an excessive preoccupancy or worrying too much of being sick. There was a slip and had Amoebiasis.

Overall, the long weekend wasn’t spent well. It was a time learned that I needed to be more careful of my body.

Author: The Chemistry Guy

HIV positive est 2010 Introvert, wanderlust, Science guy and tech junkie. email:

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