Make The Most Out Of It

During the past months, I have heard of several deaths of some people which I have connected with, even Hollywood stars, famous politicians from democratic and dictatorship countries. Almost every week, one after the other there are news of deaths. Some were acquaintances, some were ex-officemates, some were not-so-friends. They died so young, they died old.

Every time I see these statuses either on Facebook or Twitter, it breaks my heart. I feel lucky at this point in time. I am alive. Still kicking.

I have a grave realization to do stuff and live while I am young. This doesn’t give the liberty to do anything nasty, rowdy or step onto others. What it means is to seek whatever makes you happy. While you still can, while you still have the resources.

It doesn’t really matter whether you are an HIV-positive individual or just a mere healthy no-health-condition being, if it’s your time, then you go.

I remember last week, when I was crossing a pedestrian on my way to work and I almost met another vehicular accident. Really thankful it wasn’t my time yet. I always consider myself lucky when hearing these stories, some died because of other reasons, I have HIV yet am still alive and live longer than anyone else. You got the point?

You are the fortuitous if you possess the Lazarus syndrome.

If I were you, do a bucketlist, this is the best time to fuck that list. I’d revise mine (again) for next year.

May those who departed early and unexpectedly find peace and watch over us. For those who’re still kicking, being fucked and fucking ass, you know what to do.