While Playing Flappy Bird

As of this moment Wednesday-March 5th, I am here in RITM-ARG. Will be having a medicine refill and set my next CD4 schedule. My queue is 22nd and while waiting for number to be called, am trying to observe the people around. I immediately saw 2 cute guys. One is infront of me, wearing a cap amd seem a bit aloof while the other at the ARG door, wearing a blue long sleeved polo.

The moment my feet stepped the 3rd floor, everyone’s looking at me. Very fucking awkward. I hate this feeling. I just wanna get me medicines, go home and eat breakfast.


The queue is slowly pacing up and while waiting for my turn, I am fucking playing this fucking flappy fucking retarded bird.

Holy bejeezus, that blue long sleeved guy at the door is adorably cute. I can’t stop looking at him. — oh my, he just passed by. No more eye candy. Whoever you are, in another life, I will be your half.


Author: The Chemistry Guy

HIV positive est 2010 Introvert, wanderlust, Science guy and tech junkie. email: tetrahydroziline@gmail.com

4 thoughts on “While Playing Flappy Bird”

  1. hi,

    i recently discovered your blog when i was researching for pinoy pozzies. im just wondering. didn’t you have a g4m account before? are you the same guy who used to take these sexy wonderful photographs of young men? i was reading your earlier entries and i read that you used to do shoots with magazines. here’s the thing, i used to exchange messages with this cool guy from g4m who also takes photographs and from what i knew he’s also a freelance photographer. i remember him telling me about how he once walked out of a shoot because of how it was being handled. im just curious if maybe it’s you. i don’t know just an instinct.

    oh by the way, i like your blog. very insightful and please keep the posts coming.


    don’t worry, we never hooked up.

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