Adherence to medications is one of the most important aspect of care management. It must be kept perfect or if any case, almost perfect. I have to admit, I get lapses too. There are many legit reasons why we skip a dose or two.

We change our bags daily thus leaving the medications behind. When the your alarms turns on and you’re doing something else and snooze it, we become pre occupied and forgetting to the take it. This week alone, I skipped 2 doses. The reason? I’m no longer enthusiastic and eager to take it. This is perhaps what we call pill or treatment fatigue. A condition where adherence is declining over time.

Some points to ponder to somehow improve and stick it out all together.

1. Create alarms – that is multiple, repeating and loud. Smart phones are the best bet but if your mobile OS is limited to creating multiple alarms, download the appropriate app.

2. As soon as the alarm goes on, take it. Leave everything behind and take the medicine. Never snooze the alarm. I always miss the dose because of this.

3. Create contingencies. If you take the meds, let’s say when you are at the school or office, then bring extra pills and keep it to your office desk or locker or another bag you use the most and just leave it there. The thing is, when you forget to bring the day’s dose, you’ll be thankful you stocked up.

4. Worse case is when you’re empty handed. Ask someone nearby, a friend of the same cocktail and treat him a venti Starbucks frap.

5. If all else fails, try asking a good companion of yours to remind you or maybe it is time to discuss something with your doctor.

I wish my vehemence of maintaining high adherence will go up again.