Quick Status Update

It has been a while since my last non-filler post. Something with sense and what’s really going on.

I’ve received an email saying that whenever a PLHIV blogger went offline, they panic and wonder why. Ok, I try to allot more time posting new entries from this moment. It’s an avenue for me to release tensions, anxiety, stress and depression.

My current state, basically is still the same. I’m a little over depressed, restless and perhaps still picking up the pieces. I’m still HIV positive and there seems no way to revert it back.

The past years and months, I have been travelling within the country and abroad. It appears to be the only way to alleviate what’s inside. Perhaps, I’ll try to create posts from my travels and how was it.

Regarding my health condition, still doing fine. My last CD4 test was a year ago. I’m now getting inactive and unassertive of my tests. I’m getting tired of having my medicine refill. I’m still kicking and started to hit the gym. I’m getting thinner and thinner due to the ARV side effects. I’m trying to bring back the mass that I previously had. Maybe this will somehow boost my esteem. Latest CD4 count is at 720, still taking the same line of medication: Lamivudine, Zidovudine, Efavirenz.

Romance? Still nada, been single for the longest. Not much to say on this. I guess this is my fate. Lol. Tried deviating from the path but it seems this is how it was planned.

Moving forward, I’ll try to keep my posts up. I miss sharing.

See you on the next blog post.