What Life Is

If you’re a TV series fan, you’d probably stumbled upon “Sense8”. A very human series which portrays every life, almost, on this planet. One way or the other, someone is linked and connected to our mind and soul. I guess that is the case. If you haven’t seen or watched it, go ahead and do so.

Dialogues are so deep, you can find oil and Adele rolling into it. Character Sun Bak is my favorite. A kick ass kimchi girl, I really love Koreans.


This is what Life is; fear, rage, desire… love. To stop feeling emotions. To stop wanting to feel them is to feel death.

Perhaps an important line for everyone of us. Us. who feel helpless, hopeless and rather finish it off ahead and quickly. I’m hanging by a thread and maybe so do you. It is like looking for a needle in a haystack. Trying to bring ourselves back to what was like. If you’re a little too weary of what’s gonna happen next, just think of someone from the other side of the globe who’s situation is as equal or worse than you do. It’s not looking for superiority or inferiority but rather what would happen next if we are still alive.

Slowly, I’d start taking chances, do things I haven’t done, fill up my bucketlist and just try to feel anything. Depression just makes up a part of life. There’s gonna be more than that. And that’s what we’re looking for.

Search and watch Sense8, listen and understand its words. It may help. And oh, here’s one good part:


I wish it got your attention.