Money Exchange

It was a flight from Manila to Kuala Lumpur. A regular flight procedure from checking in to boarding. Nothing fancy, I’m not expecting anything. I was just a bit anxious as it is a red-eye (late night) flight and going to my hotel may add some challenge.

Fancy thing happened right after plane took off, seat belt sign switched off. I’m by the window seat (15F) and the only passenger on the row. This guy seated in front of me (14D), suddently changed seats and went on the aisle of my row. My eagle eyes caught he was good looking, maybe around my age and seems like on a business trip.

Things started to get uneasy in the middle of the flight, I can see on my periphal vision that he’s quite tense. Trying to check on me. It was a long 4 hour red eye flight and all I wanted to do is take some rest, I didn’t mind all the fuss and I wasn’t that assuming to begin with.

Restless, I decided to watch a movie on my phone. But dang it, my earphones were left on my check in bag, up the cabin. Can’t really force myself to disturb anyone just to get a piece of earphones. So went on for a pee break, stretched myself up and went to my business. I left my passport open and my boarding pass dangling so he can see my name, I guess it didn’t work out.

Going back to my seat, I tried a little flirt act by squeezing myself between the seat and his legs while blatantly projecting my crotch right in front of his face.
Onto the flight, no nothing. But I can still sense something. Like he wants to start the talking or whatnot. I cannot initiate a talk, I’m not that kind of person.

When we landed in Kuala Lumpur and started to disembarked, he stood up, looked at me, collected his luggage, looked at me again and strut his way out of the door. That I know, there’s really something. I went out just to know that we will be bussed to the arrivals hall, so we separated ways. That I knew, it was a missed chance.


At the arrivals hall, I settled in through immigration, had my checked in bag and was about to exchange some money for my bus to the city. While waiting at the money exchange counter, much to my surprise, he showed up and also wanted to exchange his money. You know, it wasn’t the only money exhange counter at the arrivals hall, there were 3 more, so maybe he really wanted to talk to me. But my inferiority came into scene and I was like a rock hard goat playing dead. Can’t utter something, I can’t even smile nor start a small talk. I was dead for like 3 minutes. He’s done, I’m done and trying to walk my way out for the bus stop. That’s the time I had courage to back, trail him down and just say anything. But unfortunately, he’s nowhere to be found. Imagine those movie cliches where you are in the middle of the airport, trying to look around while everyone else is fast paced, that was the exact moment I had.

One of the few many missed opportunities I had. 😯