EFV’s Long Term Effects

See that Total Cholesterol field? It’s above the normal range and it flags me everytime I get my company annual checkup. It places me on the risk of having heart problems or any cholesterol-based ailments. I know this is a long-term effect of taking Efavirenz. I have been taking my cocktail – Lamivudine/Zidovudine/Efavirenz – the past 7 years. 

My initial side effect at hand was low RBC due to Lamivudine/Zidovudine but it was already taken cared of and it’s now on normal values. This time, cholesterol. have been talking to Google on how to possibly manage this. I’m actually quite confused why but I have been doing exercises and workouts and yet, having unfavorable results. Looks like it is within my eating habits. Fried food, fast food, oily and greasy mess. I already asked mon to cut out the frying menu and focus more on stews and grills. Taking the fat and skin out which is really my guilty pleasure. Maybe I’ll try the new pattern for a couple of months and see what will happen next. Being hospitalized is the least thing I want. 

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