My current health status

As of November 2011, my current sero/health status:

CD4 count: 608 units – from 610 units of December 2010

Viral load: 86 units – from 111,000+ units of initial Treatment Hub enrollment (2010),
after more than a year of taking EFV, still not undetectable. But there’s a drastic change, a sign of NO VIROLOGIC FAILURE

Hemoglobin count: 176 units – as per RITM’s CBC vs 124 units of company APE’s CBC, so RITM told me am not Anemic contrary to what was previously diagnosed. 

Cholesterol/Triglyceride level: Borderline high, as per Makati Medical Center’s Blood Chemistry Test, this is an obvious side effect of my ARV’s.

Hepatitis A/B/C: Non – reactive

Pulmunary XRAY: normal

AFB smear and culture: no AFB seen

TB culture sensitivity: No growth seen for 6 weeks, via MMC’s TB BACTEC MGIT test

Cryptococcal Antigen Latex Agglutination test: Negative, as per RITM since 2010



Botheredness – state of being bothered, hahah

A loose week that was..

Last Wednesday I decided to pay BIR Atrium a visit, so i prepared myself for a long and husky
line. Will sign up for a TIN card i.d. As I went inside the gruesome building, gasp of air were inhaled to prepare myself for this irritating-to-be transaction. – i really hate doing transactions with government offices like BIR, SSS, PAGIBIG and the like. I went to 5th floor and VOILA! no lines!
even a single person holding a form, nah! Yeah! that was smooth!

My bothersome experience started out when I visited RITM last Tuesday to have my check up and see if my CALAS test was out…

CALAS – cryptoccocal antigen latex aggluntination test, i dont where’s the S

it’s a blood test for cryptoccocus antigen, a fungal disease caused by cryptoccocus which can be acquired from bird poops. meningitis sort of infection, im having a month long head ache!

going back, i shed P1,800 for the test.. wow! expensive huh.
I asked Kuya R if they have the results, he said none.. matagal daw talaga yun.
It’s been 3 weeks so i texted Ate A, she said.. wala sa chart eh, hanapin ko..

WTF?! dont tell me that paper’s gone???? P1,800… 😦
and i need to wait until tuesday!

Friday ended with a great mood, petiks mode and all works were finished, My manager even
invited us for a late dinner in Banchetto… Banchetto, hmmm, i think i’ll pass.

This weekend is quite free, only booked for Saturday for a sports inclined activity.