Defective concentration

I think am now experiencing another adverse effect of Efavirenz and we’re talking about long term… Impaired concentration.
Recently, I had an exam and interview from a company I really wanna get in. The usual steps of online exam and initial interview were set.
There were 2 sets of online exams, one was to gauge knowledge of several software and second was to test ability to differentiate words, computations and information gathering.
Exams were easy as long as you have background and hands on experience. I have and they were just like lessons from college, the thing was I was my mind was like flying through the fields and being blank all over… Of course these exams were time pressured!
I am confident I aced the 2nd part since I love Math, analogy and scientific calculations. But 1st part was a bit disastrous since that was the peak of my impaired mind.
Interview went well too but with some mishaps. I now stutter and can no longer anticipate the next english word to come out of my mouth. It just happened now, after a year of taking EFV.
I’ll no longer expect something from that company, but of course little hope that they might call again for a positive result.
Oh man, I can’t blame my life saving meds…