1st Crush

Just got into another self-date. It was a movie marathon, just 2 though. Very contrasting ones, one was Paranormal Activity and the other, Petrang Kabayo. It was nice. I was scared and I had some laughs. The moment I’m writing this entry, I’m dining in a nearby fast-food resto on my phone, I really don’t mind me being alone, though there are some whereabouts of ‘aloneliness’. It’s almost Halloween and lots of people are going home to their own provinces, it’s really nice to see and watch people as I dine out. Traffic is heavy too.

I remember when Juan dela Cruz, the blogger, his partner and I were dining. I don’t know if noticed it, while we were talking, I keep on staring at the window hoping to see someone I know.. Pak! There was one…

His name was R.G, my first crush dated way back first year college, around 2003 perhaps. It was a kilig moment when we met. A relative of mine is an engineering subject professor in one of the most famous engineering schools in the country, of course, I’m also a student. Relative was not able to attend to class to conduct the exam, so I assumed the place. It’s alright though since his co-professors know me that much. I conducted the exam and saw R.G. His cute, wearing a cap and it seemed he wasn’t prepared for the exam. Ok, the papers were given, the graduating class took the exam, I was 1st yr then, and tried to stare at him. He seemed to notice it so he stared back till the time runned out and everbody walked home. He was left behind, approached me and asked if we can be friends.. He took my number and off we go. Long exchange of messages revealed that he was a commercial model and seen in some ads. Maybe he’s bluffing, I checked it out and yeah.. He really was. With some billboards and tv ads. His Hugo Boss quenched hands and that so neat look really dragged me.. He graduated, I continued my engineering course and the communication was gone. It was like a gradient, slowly faded out. Well, when I saw him again couple of weeks ago.. He’s still cute. Remembering the old days.

Maybe, JDC is right.. I must stop being choosy.



I’m a gamer

It’s weekend and I promised to treat myself after some stressful events, works and compromises. I went to see one of my favorite movies, Resident Evil: Afterlife. I waited for 2 years just to see this film, I remember way back 2002 roughly 8 years ago, when I was still non-reactive, I used to be a gamer, yes, a gamer, not fooling around but a game freak. A playstation guy. Timezone freak.

A sumptuous fireworks dinner along San Miguel by the Bay opened the night for me. A large, more than a quarter pound rib from Friday’s bought my tummy. Speaking of Friday’s, I have a new crush. It’s one of their waiters.. He’s so cute, the chinito look over toned and mestizo look. Aw! he’s more delicioso than what I am eating. He doesn’t have a name tag so I don’t know his name.. but being persevere, despite of a loud boom box beside me, I heard the manager called him.. haha, his J – just like a name of a saint. hmmmm.. :)) I’m looking forward for another Friday’s pig out, good thing I have a frequent visitor card. 🙂

I was by myself and fate is really giving me a sight of what is having a boyfriend is.. for that night only, I saw 3 pairs of guys holding hands together. Though it may sound like a taboo here in the country, hey they’re still doing it in public. hmmm.. ganun? well, I saw a bunch of dating bf’s. I even saw my former classmate with his boyfriend, and to my surprise.. his boyfriend is the one whom I mentioned in my previous post, the guy who saw me somewhere and added me to his facebook and saw that he’s in a relationship. damn. haha

As a normal rational being, being alone began to sink in.. but that’s ok. anyone in this world will surely feel that they are.

Anyway. The night was so-so.


Nugget Guy

I bought a book at a nearby bookstore, trying to be a book worm.. I bought one for 45 pesos. Quite Cheap.

Then I decided to splurge myself again with Salt and Ketchup.. I bought my Cheeseburger and Large Fries. Of course, add to it the tons and tons of salt and the red thingy.

I was reading the book I bought when a guy caught my attention.
I never thought perfection can be seen. Nice and clean hair cut, average height of 5’8, the yuppy looking appeal, clear skin, perfect chinky eyes!, great sense of fashion (I remember his red/black Fred Perry duffle bag), hot fitting long sleeve on his nice chest and biceps.. hay. Jaw dropping.
I was on my iPod and tried to stare at him. We met in the eye 2 times. OMFG! star struck!

I placed my bag on the table so there would be a something that blocks our sight.
It seemed he noticed that I’m staring at him.. He sat near me. (Me, facing northwards. Him facing southwards) He’s on my 11oclock position. Grrr..

He was eating Chicken Nuggets and Rice. It shows that he doesn’t have a big appetite since, he eats slowly. Adding to it, the small regular sized meal compared to mine. Large!

There’s nothing much happened afterwards. I know that he knows that I’m into him. Too bad. I know for myself that a kind like him won’t approach me. Oh well. Just another fairy tale.
Now, I have an addition to my crush list. 🙂

I may sound conceited, but I’m not. 🙂

Guys are acting up really weird nowadays.