Meet Ups over the weekend

Over the weekend, I met 3 guys. Poz sila lahat. I met them sa aking pseudo account sa isang gay site and one over here sa blog. This guy na nakilala ko from blog, he’s a newbie. He was asking for some advice and some questions on what to do after being diagnosed. Atat na sya magpa-baseline test but I don’t have the ample time para masamahan siya, of course I referred him to Ate Ana at mag RITM na lang siya. One week matapos nyang mag pa cd4 (600+ sya) and everything, we decided to meet. Sinabi nya sakin , upon waiting for the the test he had sa RITM eh he saw a common school mate nya before (40+ cd4 nya), small world talaga. So they talked and became friends. Sinabi ko, why not invite him sa meet up natin, sort of 3some date. Saturday, the day we decided to meet up. After the hard rain and hassle commute to our meeting place, nag meet na din kami.. though it was late na. Our call time was 630pm to give way para sa school mate nya since he is working somewhere north. Dahil siguro sa Filipino time, we met at around 9pm na ata. Sakto lang sa movie sched namin na 930pm. (pet peeve ko ang mga late ng sobra sobra, ok lang kung ma late ng 15-20mins, pero kung more than 1 hour na yan ay ibang usapan na. Ayoko talaga ng late.)
I waited roughly around 2 hours, so ikot ikot muna ako at bumili ng slip on shoes, hindi ako kumain since I expected them to be early para sabay sabay na kami kumain.. Eh late nga sila so gutom na gutom na ko. They arrived just on time for the movie so mejo alanganin na ang oras, I bought a pack of peanuts na lang para snack snackan… watched a movie, we saw Gulliver’s Travels which hindi naman masyado nakakatawa.. it’s like pilit pero overall, ok lang naman.. so-so movie. Both of them are nice and madaldal which I like kasi nakakadala ng mood pag maraming gustong sabihin, we ate dinner almost midnight na… sa sobrang kadaldalan namin, lumamig na yung food at sabay sabay na kami nagsasalita.. Ok yung ganung klaseng kasama, isa naman kasi ako sa Introvert na tao so dapat at least may magdala sakin para mag open ng conversation. They were so nice. Gusto ko uli lumabas kasama sila.. I am still looking forward na mangyari uli yun. Nakakainggit sa part ko since both of them are engaged sa field na frustrated ako.. haay. Oks lang naman.
Sunday, I met an expat na almost 5 years na dito. He’s also a poz. It was just a simple meet up, dinner and movie lang. get to know and stuffs.. can’t afford to stay up late kasi both of us have work early. No need to elaborate on him.
Weekend was a cool one, I hope every week ganito..
First time ko ata mag Tagalog or should I say Taglish sa blog..

Sleeved Guy

Saturday. I met a good friend of mine. He’s D. He knows that I’m HIV positive. It was really intentional for me to tell him, It was just a case of saving something irrational why I told confessed my sero-status. He used to be a date of mine last year. It didn’t work since I was already diagnosed and decided not to push with it. We’re really good friends. We even date out together fortnightly. It seemed that he proved to me that what ever sero-status I have, We can be good friends. I was drinking my favorite milk-tea frap when he grabbed it and took a sip on it.
As he’s sipping my drink, “hmmm, this taste good!”. It was a delightful moment for me.
After dining out and seeing a movie we decided to part ways. He always drops me off to the best place I can get another cab or puv.

It’s already 130am. Cabs are damn choosy so I waited for puv’s. There’s one but it’s still loading and waiting for passengers. I stood as if was waiting and hoping for another one to pass by, saving my time. Then all of a sudden, there’s a guy beside me. Wearing long sleeves, a bit loose fit pants, clean cut and sneakers. Ok, no big deal. He’s just an average guy for me. A rate of 6/10 perhaps. To my peripheral vision, I can see that’s he’s staring at me. Out of consciousness, I tried to stare back. I now feel that he’s into me. He moved closer and closer, “Is there a straight way going south?” Aha! first move.. Just like what I thought. “Yes, the same puv that I will ride on to”. Minutes after, he was bugging his mobile phone. I think he wants to get my number. I moved a bit further since it was an awkward feeling. He’s even touching my shoes with his. Hmmm, I think he wants something.

I decided to get on the puv and wait. When it was about to depart, he went inside and still staring at me. Hmmm…
Just like what I said, I’m choosy. I’m not a desperate retard. Maybe you’re into me, but I’m not. Sorry. Though I think he’s nice enough. The scene ended with nothing. Just teasers and stares. not much interesting happened afterwards. I may sound rude. I’m not. It’s just a collaborative and integrated experiences from the past. I learned too much. 🙂

Hope to see him again, and tease him again, Sometime..
He’s the 3rd person ever in my gayhood life to approach me. I admit, I’m really snobbish and aloof. But for sure, when you know me. First impressions won’t really last. 🙂


Share a seat, not win a friend

I went to the one of the biggest malls in the world.
Agenda was to pay some bills and get some recreational function. A short nifty date again with myself. Well, It’s getting fun..

The weather’s perfectly fine. Bright and Sunny. It’s weird since August is a season of heavy rains and floods yet, The sun is up. I remember the sunflowers from Plants vs. Zombies.
I went to the telecommunication’s shop and paid my bill. Agenda was done and I have the time for myself again.

I tried roaming around and checked the movie list for a possible marathon. The Expendable, hmm.. nah! pass on that.. that’s too straight. Other were already seen and downloaded, so I just continued roaming around and decided to get bunch of my favorite floss bread. I went to Bo’s Coffee and spared my time sipping some chocolate freeze. Watching people as they pass by is again, a great experience. You see the hunks, the cutes, the gays, the boys, the dogs, those bf/gf quarrel and some interesting stuffs you can make crazy stories of.

Several hours have passed, it’s time for dinner.. On to the resto. Got my Chicken Cordon Bleu and sat on a 3-seater table, Alone. I may sound dumb but I’m not. Started my sumptuous dinner, with my ipod on, Someone then approached me and asked if she can share a seat… Yes, you heard it, She. Uh, ok.. Sure.

Awkward. Silence on my end. Hey, it’s a pretty and smart girl. Intimidating. lols.
Maybe she knew I’m straight. Sorry I’m not.
I can’t break the ice, I never did in my life time. I hurriedly finished my stuff and went home.


Great Weekend

I just got home from an overnight training seminar held by RITM.
Self-Empowerment training.
Im doing this blog while my memory is still good like fresh fish from the sea.. excited to dive back into the water.

I registered months ago together with Becky, I was excited then since it’s my first time to attend such event. Days were like speed cars and now it’s time for the said event. Unfortunately Becky cant’t make it because of some personal liabilities. So most likely, IM ALONE!

The day has come and I prepared myself a bit late since I know for myself that everybody is practicing the Filipino Time. lols. I arrived in City State Tower at around 1030am. I passed by the hall and saw a bunch of guys and Dr. D and R. I was a little afraid and totally shy since I think i’m late (it really pays to be early, i wont experience the grand entrance!) lols, i cant go in since i’m way too nervous.. i decided to wait in the lounge and tried to gasp for confidence and right timing, minutes later Ate Beth came (thank you Lord!) she accompanied me inside and there you go…

I sat in the round table and tried to squeeze myself in the filled one.. a girly-gay offered me a space, a sigh of relief for me, tried to roll my eyes on every people in front of me and saw several guys of all ages..

Here goes the characters (i’ll try to extract my memory the best as i can):

Ron- a dance instructor from a famous gym center. FF
Da – the sweet and pretty girly-gay.
Re – the reserved and defensive late comer. Has wife but vulnerable to both M/F encounters.
Er – a scary, masungit, suplado, so serious guy. He’s cute.
Rom – a previous ship worker
Jo – a playful, child-like guy.. sorta cute.
Ja – a friend of mine, the fedora hat fashionista guy.
Ju – a super quiet type from Palawan.
Ry – the engineer.
Jos – the straight guy.
Ge – hmmm, not really familiar..
Ki – the so mature thinker advertising guy.
Be – from PAFPI?
Lo – H4 guy.
Za – me?
Ma – my crush :D. spark guy, hihih

Activities went well, the introduce yourself part, story of your life, career planning, emotion handling, self image enhancement and all those stuffs primarily designed for empowering people.
The activities were so fun and got the opportunity to learn everyone’s struggle in life.

As the night went by, we parted ways on our designated rooms.. luckily, i have Ja with me, and Ma, yikeee. lols.. landi!
I dont wanna go onto details on this.. 😀 haha
We went to each others room to meet and greet some of the fellow attendees.
Went to sleep and there you go…. 😀

2nd day was a great one as expected, lots of fun activities and sharing. Time was running too fast and the day were almost set. some cried and some laughed. it was all fun. It’s time to part ways as the older batches or should i say the tenured ones arrived and invited us for dinner. It’s not really a good time for Da, me and Ma (:D) to have dinner so we went on a separate way, strolled down RP and went on coffee and had some little chit chat.. chismis!

A lot of realizations were instilled in my mind. maybe i will have this on my next blog post.
but for now, i wont keep this long, it was really a great experience and a fun to be with group.
Most importantly Met new friends of the same wave length and a chance to share ideas and be more socially and emotionally responsible. All thanks to Dr. R and the organizers of the seminar. 🙂