Long Weekend and Election

Another long weekend has passed by.

Saturday, it was a time for another volleyball game with some known and unknown friends. It was really fun and i got the chance to meet some new friends and acquaintances, of course another chance of meeting new crushes! lols

Sunday was quite slow for me, as usual, i went to a near by mall and did some groceries instead. was online the whole day and met another poz guy from a gay personal site. he was nice, seems humble.. which i like the most.
my instincts never failed me. i just don’t get the logic why there are still some poz guys who’s really pasaway.

I also got the chance to research some facts and developments on HIV. There are new ARV’s to be approved soon by FDA. how exciting.

also had the chance to browse over youtube for photoshop tutorials..

May 10 was another premium pay for me, It’s National Elections, it’s a holiday..
as expected.. Ayala was like Resident Evil again, no cars, no fuzzy people, no everything!

I’m not a registered voter, hmm.. i know, why didn’t i exercised my right? I just don’t have time to register, as simple as that.

Looking at the partial results now, my bet Mr. Aquino is on the lead. but what the as a fuck?! Mr. Estrada next in line? no way! gosh.. why people nowadays are so narrow-headed. My officemates were wondering how to remove the indelible ink,

Indelible ink – main ingredient is Silver Nitrate, can be removed by Nitric Acid (goodluck!) and Sodium Thiosulfate. Correct me if i’m wrong.

My ex-bf and i got into a slight tension which lead to a realization that i can’t share my sero status to him, tsk.. plans do fail. i really need to move on.

my birthday is just around the corner. no plans, no nothing…
my first birthday after my sero-conversion. well, nothing’s special on that day.

like what i said, i need to move on, not from this sero-status but from him.

Get well soon Juan dela Cruz, Positive = Rebirth, G!



Yin and Yang

Monday, the most hated day of the week. Rush hour, the hustle and bustle, overloaded paper works.. Monday sickness as what you call it.

On the contrary, this Monday was so good.. less stress, more happiness and great laughs.

Less work the day, mean less stress.. good!
Chit chat, pig and drink out on a typical Monday! awesome…
Laughs here, laughs over there.. office day ended by an early out! wohoo!

Great jump off for the week!
less negativities, insecurities, insensible talks, insensitive manners..
all i can say is… “No Wonder…”

I was exchanging sms with a good friend of mine, and we were making chismis about the latest with the positive guys. this made me realize that hey, even in this world those hilarious guys still exist. Talking about those pretentious ones, who’ll fool you with their sensible acts then eventually they’re not, those superficial guys just like you see in g4m or planet romeo.. So contrary to what i’ve heard that, “bumabait ang mga tao pag naging HIV positive
well, in some cases… yes. there are a lot of nice guys out there, but not all.

Still a lot of cocky ones. Attitude problem ones. again, No Wonder….

if there’s the yin, there’s gonna be the yang…. even with the HIV wolrd. so another realization came up.

Araw ng ODDtingan

April 09, 2010 – Araw ng Kagitingan.

A regular non-working holiday, but for me… it’s twice the pay! 😀
Knowing it’s a holiday, i still decided to visit RITM.
Upon my arrival, OPD door was lokced..
“sigh, pati pala hospital my holiday din…”
I went to ask Kuya Guard and he told me, Ms. Ana just went to somewhere..
I said to myself, “finally, a chance of meeting Ms. Ana”
I saw her and excitedly entered the door and had chikas with the ever famous..
she’s really nice! so nice..
Coming 11am, I decided to leave the institution and tried my luck in Makati Med for a vertigo check up. Just like when Ayala Ave. on a non-working holiday, Makati Med was like a Resident Evil hospital.. they’re on holiday as well..
ok fine, it’s too early for my work shift, i have roughly 3hours to waste.
My viruses were hungry so i went to a nearby McDonalds for small snack, i ordered my favorite Fish burger and salt infused fries and dined outside for a fresh air, non-working holiday environment of Makati.
Few minutes later, just like what i expected, i saw someone i knew…
and he’s a + , he’s quite a popular guy coz he’s mentioned in some blogs, i dont know if didnt notice my presence or if he’s suplado na. but i think he saw me. this made another conclusion for me as even in the PLHIV society, there’s still this uncertainty where superficiality reigns. well, it’s just a personal observation, too many fake personalities i should say. but then again, i dont know…
more than 2 hours remaining, ” where would i go?”
i took a cab and drove the way to Glorietta, time for another Timezone play and window shop.
As i was strolling and went up to the movies area, there’s a booth kind of something and i saw one of my old time crushes.. oh, he’s still cute, nice skin, and hair… i remembered the moment when we were sleeping side by side… kilig for another time! 😀 … that was just sleeping, ok? no other naughty thoughts!
Time to leave the place and head back to office..
F@cK#iT! there’s my bitch EX! together with his bitch bff… argh!
Good thing i was on my best that day, hahah.
Got nothing to do in the office, work load was at low and it’s time to make fun with other officemates. Shared my experiences for the day and it was really fun, im enjoying this life!
Really odd day for me this Araw ng ODDtingan.

Excited State

When Electrons’ energy level is above its Ground State, we can conclude that it is EXCITED.
— how Quantum Chemistry affects everyday life.
Tuesday, April 6 2010 … A totally different day that marked my calendar.
This is the day of my first CD4 grade … and not to my expectations, other surprises.
On my previous blog, I can’t sleep… I tried to close my eyes, engulf a big grasp of air and relaxed.
But it didn’t work, My eyes were closed and yet my conscious mind flew my head of the thing thats
going to happen for tomorrow… in RITM.
Set my alarm clock for 730am and off i go…
Woke up around 6am but it’s too early, hey i should be throwing off myself by 730am.
I took my short breakfast, a nice cold shower and prepared my stuffs.
I left the house by 820am anticipating myself to be in Alabang by 9am or so.
Even my ipod can’t blur all the things thats instilling in my mind on what’s gonna happen
since i’m alone. I don’t know if im excited to see the results or excited coz it’s another challenge for me to do something on my own… and there you go, Butterflies on my stomach!
Im now walking onto the small and short isle of the building and saw a lot, i mean A LOT of children screaming for mama and crying for the needle shot for their dog bite.. GAWD!
I entered the OPD annex door and saw the nurse who attended to me during my first visit,
a bit of sigh for me coz finally i know someone in the room! As my observant eyes roam the
small room, i saw another friend of mine… another sigh!
ok then, it’s time for my agenda… “For Follow-up and CD4 result pls.. R10-xxx”
Results were — CD4 282
“ok, 282… at least not 2 or 6”
im happy with it, 3 digits is not bad.
If you’re gonna ask me, i’d rather take arv’s instead.
Side Effects or OI’s? —- Side Effects, of course!
How is it gonna be taking Truvada, Kaletra, Isentress, Atripla, Bevirimat etc taste like?
hahaha, In my dreams… I know, I know… 1st line first.

For the First Time

This is my first official blog…

I tried to do blogging on some personal social networking sites like Friendster and Multiply…
Unfortunately, my typing and critical thinking skills wouldn’t allow me to. I mean, i’m so tamad to make blogs simply because … I don’t have something to write to.
My life seemed to be meaningless, not full of surprises and stories worth sharing with.

I really hate Formal Theme Writing and Essay based exams, I’d rather go “algebraic” and compute for missing values of X and Y

Cutting it short, my life is pretty normal until the moment I was seroconverted… you know what I mean, Lentiviruses go swarm and multiply excitedly inside my healthy cells, allowing their complex protein stuffs to bind with my cells’ CD4 and CCR5 then using their reverse transcriptase converting RNA’s to DNA’s and the life cycle goes.

Another reason why I should hate monkeys, or even break out into Pentagon and ask who biologically engineered the virus.

Anyways, enough of BioChem…

Now that my “one-shot” lifetime became more fragile… maybe this is the time to contemplate and think about if this life is worth sharing for.