Extra Service

Over the weekend, I had a massage.. A free one. I did an xdeal photo shoot for a newly emerged spa, as a payment, they gave a complimentary massage. 
Therapists were all male. 2 of them I get to notice immediately. One Jay Manalo type and one Yul Servo. Both hunky, very manly and straight… I suppose. 
Shoot was done at about 10pm or so.. Shooting interiors and more than a handful of guys is really tiring, so I took a rest for a couple of hours. The owner then offered the free massage. Why not, right?
I took it and of course chose the best guy according to my taste, I chose Mr. Yul Servo-look-alike, He was dark, almost skin head and hunky. A definite type. 
Massage and over kill chit chat went to an interesting offer. An Extra service. 
Hello, that was my first time to encounter such.. I usually go to professional massage areas like the ones located in the mall or tourist spots and not to this kind. 
I expected it though. Him, offering the extra service. Who am I to resist? I wanna try it, its my first time, he’s hot and room was dark.. 
Not really the hardcore thing you have in mind. Just the hand jobs and other ones.. You know what I mean.
No “go inside” jobs. Still a responsible citizen of not spreading unwanted viruses. 
We were done and he said, “Sir, dito niyo na lang po ibigay yung bayad?” 
To my mind, fuck… “sabi na magpapabayad to” Hello, first timer here…
I gave him 200 bucks, that’s the only change I got in my wallet. The rest were 500’s and 1000’s. Of course I don’t wanna give those! I can get a hot encounter free… He rebutted, “500 na lang sir!”
Arrgh! Assertiveness failed, I gave 500 and ask to give me change. He returned with 100 bucks. 
To my mind, 400 bucks for that crap eh.. not really a good deal, my heart was pounding like hell. That’s 400! I can do so many things with 400 bucks!
Time to go home since it already 2am and I haven’t taken my ARV’s. My schedule is at 12am. 2 hours delayed. 
Owner accompanied me to get a cab, there was an opportunity to make sumbong! I spilled what happened..
Huh, payback time!
Lesson learned. Just be more assertive. I’ll NEVER and EVER do that extra service again. A complete waste of money dear. 
He was hot though.

I’m ready… but Fate isn’t

pretty long entry for today, hope you wont feel lazy. 🙂

I was diagnosed last March and got a quite low cd4 count of 282, it’s been months now and yet im not taking any arv’s. I don’t know but im not ready yet or maybe it just so happen that there’s not much happening in my body now so i dont feel the urge and need of taking it…

Mid April, my furuncolosis recurred for the nth time. not really severe but a couple of nodules.. like 2-4. at the same time, i had something.. (im shy to disclose, haha) so I went to RITM to have it checked and they gave me ample Azithromycins and TMP-SMXs (co-trimaxazole) to cover these ailments. I promised myself that after these wounds have healed, i’ll take my arv’s na. Days turned into weeks and my wounds were healed, so I targeted a schedule to go back to RITM for the arv prescription. The next day, the morning of my scheduled task, my throat is aching and im having a low-grade fever, i knew for myself that this is tonsillitis but i ignored it and went to RITM… As the doctor and i were talking and she almost handed over the prescription paper, i uttered my complain about my throat, she checked my mouth and saw these very large tonsils! she said…

uh, uh! hindi ka muna mag arv.. gamutin na muna natin yan!

as she pulls away the paper.. sigh! hawak ko na!!!!
then she gave me co-amoxiclav.

ok fine…

Ailments were gone, my birthday’s coming so i decided for myself that i’ll be taking arv’s after my special day.. of course, it’s like a rebirth. for the past 23 years of my life im not taking any lifetime medication, so i’ll do this on my 24th year.. i hope this makes sense.

Ok, im already 24, days have passed after my birthday and here we go, as scheduled, I went to RITM today to my arv prescription. I arrived at around 3pm, as expected.. no patients. almost zero visibility. Most of the OPD customer are in the morning. Ate Ana said I can wait in the lounge as there’s a miniature line waiting, as I went to the lounge i saw Shola, what a nice way to start my visit today. Not much people in the lounge, just one sleep guy and a new friend i’ve met during my first visit. so there’s no one really to share things out and i decided wowowee na lang. Ate Ana called me and it’s my turn… I was surprised coz Dra. Ditangco was there, it means that she will be the one assessing me.. we talked about getting my first arv’s, but again i uttered another complaint, my chest is aching and i’m producing grayish sputum. She assessed my condition and decided that i take another sputum test and chest xray. Not again!!! postponed nanaman ag arv’s ko.. ok, let’s get this done so next week i’ll have everything set into place.

I went into the xray room and the technician took my chest image, he was nice, he also greeted me happy birthday.. thanks kuya! i had a sneak peak on the developed film and i saw whitish marks on my chest. OMG what is this!!?? i know it could be either TB or pneumonia… No way!
well, i have to wait for the sputum test results… the only im bothered is, my company will be having it’s annual physical exam and they might see that my chest’s having problems… hmmm,

PLAN A – expedite everything. first day of the week next week, i’ll submit my specimens and check my xray, ask for medications so the week after next week, it may be cleared. and go with the APE as scheduled.

PLAN B – still expedite everything, just like plan A BUT delay my APE and have it 2 weeks after the scheduled one. hmmmm.. i think this is best! 😀

going back to Dra. Ditangco, in fairness, she’s nice.. my impression of her way before i first saw her was she’s masungit and may attitude.. but not, she’s indeed nice.

I left RITM with a mixture of Stress – coz of the xray i saw and Happiness – i was able to meet Dra. Ditangco for the first time and of course met my friends.
I went to a big mall in Ortigas to have a massage, stressed eh.. so i hovered over a spa center and took an hour massage.. i think im fulfilled. i guess… 😀 Took dinner and went home…

I really wanted to start arv’s , but fate wont allow me… i wonder why?