Sudden Onset

I went home around 8pm.
It was Friday and it’s payday, heavy traffic and massive people on the streets.
So I decided to walk from RCBC tower to Glorietta. Imagine… but it was fun, I saw a lot of people, observing them and making stories.. Tired and a bit sweaty, I’m in Landmark and a sudden gut feeling of me seeing someone I knew came into me.
Voila! there you, minutes after.. I saw my ex date – M, he looks better than before, I think he’s happy now and got a boyfriend. We used to date for about 7 months, What I like about him most is he’s so intelligent, a CPA, financial analyst from a good company, sweet and so sensible. I decided not to continue the next level because of some personal interactions and mis communications. We’re not friends, hindi nya ko pinapansin.. that’s ok. I understand.

I went to Timezone, I wanna play Tekken 6 again… lots of cute guys were on queue.
Nahiya na ko, it seems they’re very good. My social skills were degraded once more.

I felt sad, I dont know why. Maybe coz i’m alone and then im surrounded with groups of people, i felt out of place.. umuwi na lang ako and out of my sudden onset of sadness, i bought a cake for mom.. pasalubong since it’s payday naman.

I’m getting ready for Pahiyas festival tomorrow. packing my things and setting my dslr na. hope to meet lots of new friends.. im now excited!