White Weekend

Weekend was a great one. It really didn’t start that good, Saturday was the day me and Ma – the spark guy will meet. The week before, everything was planned and all settled until last minute changes arose.
All of a sudden, he must go to RITM for a blood test. He arrived in the institution early morning and finished early. Since he’s from San Pablo, he got no place to stay. I was in deep sleep so no text came from me and i wasn’t able to accommodate him. I woke up with a notice from him that he’s already in Glorietta, i got pissed of since that’s not what we talked about. I am in rage for a reason that he doesn’t have a place to stay to, he’s in Glorietta for around 4-5 hours doing nothing.

I really stick to certain planned schedule, so i go gaga every time my plans are messed up.

Hindi man lang nya sinabi agad, plans are messed up. Eh kung sinunod nya yung mga bilin ko then you don’t have to suffer from doing nothing and just waiting in vain.

As a consequence, i prepared and got of the house around 430. I may sound rude, eh ganun eh..

Ok, enough with the fight scenes. We met and got eye to eye contact… Everything’s ok.
We talked about what happened and there you, happy again. We took dinner and went for some coffee while spending and wasting some extra time for the party. Ma introduced his bestfriend and off we go to Malate.

It’s time to party.. my first white party event. The crowd was so-so. There are the cuties, the hunks, the fags, the old friends and new ones. It’s like the same old Malate set up it’s just that the street was dense.

Met some old friends and the pozzie friends. Stayed up until 3am and we decided to look for an overnight stay place, I texted S, a fellow poz blogger and luckily he’s available! We rushed to far north and got there at almost 430am, bought some midnight snacks and freshened up. Making and sharing some stories, interest and chismis made the day.

The stay became exciting when the sun rose and we got another chance to make chismis. Ma and I were made an impression of S as a suicidal emo, he needs a partner, Ma uttered.

‘hmm, ireto kaya natin si Ja – the fedora-hat-fashionista guy from the self-empowerment seminar, maybe mag click silang dalawa? Pareho naman silang into photography at maliit.. Haha’

we set up the 2 guys, gave Ja’s number and facebook and there you go.. after ng ilang text, magkausap na agad sa phone. Seems that they’re into it..

Tummy’s roaring for some lunch and we were puzzled on what to pig out. S suggested sauteed sardines and Ma wants scrambled egg. Tag hirap eh, sa Tuesday pa kasi ang sweldo so we need to compromise.. They prepared stuffs and fixed some things. Time for lunch and it turned out they cooked the meal to almost perfection. Yummy!

Ayun, magkatext paren si S at J. Mukang ok sila..

Time for S’s work and we need to go home na. Went out of the farthest part of civilization around 6pm and into Makati by 8pm. We parted ways and Im gonna drop off Ma by the bus station off to Laguna. We took a small and fast dinner date and parted ways.

for sure, till now magka text or call mates paren si S at J.. Haha, so kilig.

Hey S let us know what happened ha? Aabangan kita sa office! Hahaha.. Evil grin.