Tough Luck

Been working on my photography skills for the past 4 years now. It started out with landscape and architecture and to satisfy these, I travel domestically within the country. After several years, I decided to try portrait and it seems that I’m pretty good at it.
Now, I find photography as my leisure and main hobby and perhaps I wanna take it to the next level… being a professional.
I smacked down jobstreet and updated my online resume hoping to find who can stare at my online portfolio and be part of their organization.
Elusive luck for me. Only 2 called. The first one was for a studio photographer and they were asking me to build a creative lookbook, I have to reschedule the interview since it was a very short notice approach and no ample time to create this “creative” lookbook. Of course I have to make an impression. But when the time that I was ready for it, they already hired someone and no position was vacant for me to fit in. Tough luck.
Second was a for a major real estate group. I was invited for an interview and examination, I survived the written exam, initial and second interview. Been a week since the last contact and I no longer hope for the best.
And there was a third opportunity wherein a local employment agency called me and offered a photographer position for a beach resort in Dubai. The first thing that came into my mind was, I am HIV positive. As much as I would want to accept the offer, I cannot. EMEAR countries are known to be stict with people with HIV. So another lost opportunity.
I think I need to re-assess my portfolio and add quality subjects onto it. This will take time and effort to be competitive enough.
I think I’m lucky enough to be shortlisted. At least.