Confidentiality Rant

I really hate it!!!!

I wont disclose my status to anyone! Damn those person who can keep secrets.. Putulan na nga ng dila! bwiset!

I really hate the feeling of being accused when I totally did nothing at all!
Fuck this life. No more duck quaks! peste..


I’m not an option

Got a couple of hours to splurge to.. So why not make another entry.

I’m pigging out myself with salt and ketchup. This is how I love my fries.

Ma texted asking where am I. Having doubts of him seeing me somewhere along the way, I asked him ‘why?’

‘I’m here in Glorietta with my bro.’

Coincendentally, I’m having my lunch in the same spot too. Getting straight to the point, I don’t wanna see him. I wanna be alone.

I continued my salt craving and tried observing people while listening to my ipod, my bestfriend. Another hot manager stumbled upon my entrance, what’s with this resto as they hire cute management trainees? Great biceps on a super tight fitting sleeve..

Contemplating on my past relationships, it’s been a while. Almost 4 years have passed since my serious one. The one that lasted for more that a year. Well, a couple of years ago I had one but it didn’t last that long though he can still be considered. So there were 2. I have tons of dates and flings but not a single guy worked out. Been through the thick and thin of the LGBT world. Maybe that’s why I tested out positive. Experience really gave me the lessons I need to take. Modesty aside, I’m not stupid. I know how the world revolves around the sun. Yes, it’s hard to be smart coz you tend to set standards, when you have standards, you tend yo be choosy. Yes, I’m choosy. Simple, I know what I want.

Now that I am sero-converted, hiv positive. I will still be choosy. It is better to set standards than to be fooled. Just like what happened a couple of days ago. I just knew that I was an ‘option’. Maybe because I am positive and the other is negative. Another reason not to be engaged in a ‘Magnetic’ relationship (me, positive. Partner is negative). Good thing I’m smart enough. I’m already immunocompromised then why let my emotions be compromised as well. One’s thing is for sure, I won’t become a relationship-desperate retard. I’d rather cry every night than to look for an irrational relationship.

Just like what Tata Young said..

Don’t want to depend on no-one else
I’d rather rescue myself

I can slay, my own dragon
I can dream, my own dreams
My knight in shining armour is me
So I’m gonna set me free