Everybody’s Purple

Purple was Wednesday’s color of the day.

It seemed that purple dominated the day, from my shirt to pen ink.
every turn of my head showed this color.. What’s happening?? is this the end of the world? Maybe this is a sign…

Again, it was a stressful start off.. it got worse when there’s issues and rivals between friends and officemates. There’s even scandalous events! my oh my… this can’t be happening! i wanna be selfish… my cd4 count!

Yesterday, bits of the burden spilled out..

I can’t take it anymore.
My friend texted me and asked how i feel, i think he has the gut instinct that there’s something wrong with me… we talked and exchanged sms until i confessed that i am HIV positive.

i was in the center isle of Buendia Ave., my eyes went teary as the hot sun stroked my face.

a sight of relief after i saw his message…
“it’s a one big fight, we’re on your side”

we texted all day long and i know he’s trying to accompany me.
good friends are not really that hard to find.. thanks R!

a rundown of the people i trust,

2 close friends of mine, C and R
a guy i met in planet romeo, J
one of my ex, C

thanks guys. 😀