Working On Graveyard

I started working on the graveyard shift last mid-2012, I had some challenges to go through – which includes adjusting my circadian rhythm and since I will be sleeping during the day, taking Efavirenz early morning. The body clock thing is no longer a problem since I can adjust to some minor to major disturbances. My weekends are quite  used with going out with friends or out of towns, this will endure me some extra time to be awake. There are times I need to be awake for 24 hours just to cope with my social side. As a result.. eye bags.

Another downside is when I need to take Efavirenz during the day, in the event of some gathering, out of town or any activity that needs my mind and physical motors, Efavirenz’s side effects is hindering it. Now I am at the verge of this major adjustment where I need to take Efavirenz during the day and bear its undefined side effects. I have been taking EFV for 3 years now, dizziness is now well taken cared of – I just take menthol candies to combat the dizziness while I’m still awake. There’s still the vivid dreams which I can no longer control. 

These adjustments make me think to opt for a normal working schedule. Prior to this type of work, I was in the corporate setting and having a flexible work time as a privilege. 

I am having difficulties sleeping during the day, my mind tends to be more active and I think a lot when I hit the sheets. I admit, I still have the depression hangover from last year which somehow affects my internal cycle and re-bounces every now and then.

Now, my internal systems are slowly deteriorating because of inadequate sleep and abnormal circadian rhythms. I am balancing my sleeping habits with the normal routine I need to have. Maintaining my social being must be at hand for my depression not to recoil and this is a tough setup. 

Options for this 
1. Continue and play the balancing act game or,
2. Look for a new job – a normal working hour job and quit my current one.

I don’t know how to do this but — come what may.

*photo taken along Ayala Avenue after work. Going home from a bleak morning while most of the “normal” workers are getting to work.


I’ve been ranting out lately because I don’t have someone to talk to seriously these days and I can decipher that they just don’t like some drama.

I recently shifted career, from a call-center-based type of work to being a corporate junkie. There’s a total difference between the two and I think I’m having a hard time adjusting my self both emotionally, intellectually and financially.

I can cite some differences between the 2 worlds.

1. Schedule – Corporate wolrd has a better schedule that can offer than that of the BPO world. Most corporate offices offers flexible schedule, that means, go to work anytime and get out as long as you finish their required hours. Unlike BPO setting, you need to be at the office at XX time or else you get suspended.

2. Working environment – this might be dependent over each organization but what I have noticed, people over the corporate world are much attached to their work. They are  so serious to an extent that the office production is so quiet, you hear every letter on the keyboard being type. This is way contrasting with the BPO world, the floor is  jam packed with employees with their agenda of noisiness and fun.

3. People – an absolute quality in nature. It’s a prerogative of each individual whether a person or a group is of good quality. People  over the BPO industry are more open, liberated and free compared to the corporates which are quite reserved and goal-set individuals. When I was in the BPO sector, I can say whatever I want without other being offended. Unlike now that everyone need to watch the words that will come out of their mouths.

4. Money matters – add fringe benfits to it, will differ according to the nature of the organization. Each has its own way of monetary and non-monetary process of business and people development and employee motivation. I’m having a hard time adjusting from being highly paid to a much lower one. I need to find ways to adjust which is already an ordeal to me.

5. Stability – Corporate world is more stable when it comes to employment sustainability than BPO’s. But the career growth and promotion is slower than that of the BPO business.

Bottom line is, I’m NOT enjoying my current work. It has been a couple of month since I joined the team and now… I wanna get out and submit my resignation. As of the moment, jobstreet website is open every hour. Searching for a potential new organization to join to. Another trial and error perhaps.

Holidays and Crushes

May 3, 2010 – Rescheduled Labor Day holiday, everyone was enjoying their vacation..

Me… Double the pay! woohoo. Less traffic, Sea side aroma of Makati, Quiet Ayala Av.. This is
what I like most when holidays.

It was just an ordinary day for me, yet another mood swing though.
It flushed into my mind every detail of my past that led me to this, another regret session for me.
I know… I’m so full of drama, eh bakit? I wont go deep into details coz it might start another swing for me.

May 4, 2010 – Tuesday, I went to RITM to have my legs checked up … AGAIN for the nTH time.

This is really pissing me off, no more wow legs for.. scars scars and scars. If you’re wondering what is it, Furunculosis. Small ones. These led me to being diagnosed as positive.
2weeks ago, I went to RITM’s Dermatology section for this to be checked. Out of disappointment, My legs are still suffering from it. I went to OPD a while ago coz I might have the chance to request a Co-Trimaxazole prescription for these bugs to go away… Success!
but I forgot to have my mouth checked for possible thrush, JUST POSSIBLE, ok? or maybe I’m just too paranoid about it…

I went to the lounge and saw a handful of people, there’s Au – another day that the lounge would be noisy. Stuffs of new girls and guys and some old time friends like the gayish girl B and sweetheart J and a cute guy J. I also enlisted myself for their self empowerment training though … though I think for myself that im already empowered!

i might go back on Thursday for another check up.

Office – I was late, 4th day of the month and I’m late. tsk
So i was already badtrip when I was along Ayala Av., but but but… my thoughts went to Elysian fields when I saw my long time crush. Hahaha! for the longest time.. Another one when I went to McDo Valero, there’s Manager D.. haaist.

I almost said and confided everything with my boss when he asked what happened to me the previous months since my performance in the office was not that good…
good thing, i know how to travel in zigzag… though i think he has the thought.

gosh! it’s 127am and it’s very humid! temperature’s rising…
i wanna take a bath!