Bucket list – updated

Another life challenge came my way. Now I’m moving on, I have to turn the page and see a new one. Forget about the past and anticipate what the future will hold. I have revised my bucket list, here was my previous one and was only able to do 2 of them. Bucket List

Here are my revised bucket list with its degree of feasibility.
100 = feasible
0 = good luck

1. Visit one of the Nordic Countries and experience Aurora Borealis.

The main concern here is the budget and resources to use. I think one European trip will cost more than a hundred thousand Pesos. So I should save and lessen unwanted expenses from this day forward.
Degree of feasibility: 30/100


2. Watch a concert.

Done this couple of years ago. Can be repeated any time of the year.

Degree of feasibility: 100/100


3. Have a bachelor’s pad that suites my taste and personality.

Also, need to save for a rent-to-own condominium unit. Quite feasible as long as I have a stable and higher paying work than what I have now.
Degree of feasibility: 70/100


4. Ride an Airbus A380 super jumbo jet in Business or First Class.

Goes with the first item but can easily be achieved with any other nearby countries.
Degree of Feasibility: 50/50


5. Do a solo backpacking adventure abroad.

Quite easy due to neighboring ASEAN countries like Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam and HK. Actually, I’m ready to do one next year just collecting some courage to do it alone.
Degree of Feasibility: 80/100


6. Be drunk like Kesha.

Very easy. Done this a couple of times. But of course, the succeeding sessions are now moderated.
Degree of feasibility: 200/100


7. Invite someone for a date.

I’m a traditional kind of guy when it comes to dating. I think everybody does. Ideally like going out to movies, coffee, dinner and the like. The challenge here is I don’t actually do the initial invitation. The introvert side kicks in. Another is, I can’t see someone to invite out to.
Degree of feasibility: marginal depending on the guy I have to ask.


8. Have a swimmer’s body.

Very hard to achieve.
Degree of feasibility: I need a miracle


Something to look forward to.. especially the last item. Teehee.

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