Four Week Supply

I was able to refill another stash of ARV’s. These will last 4 months. In all fairness, RITM-ARG made an effort to make my refill and CD4 schedule into one scheduled visit. Thanks to that grumpy nurse.

2013-09-25 08.40.17

It was a rainy-monsoon day, getting there was like suicide. Refill schedules these days are much easier than before (they have now a “more” efficient” system of segregating refills, check ups and Cd4 testing – I should say a slight kudos good job). Slight, CD4 testing system still needs improvement.

2013-09-23 09.33.53

Anniversary Blood Work

July is my official anniversary month. July 2010 was the start month of my ARV’s, 5 months after the confirmatory test.

I got out from the office at 6 AM, just in time for RITM-ARG’s cutoff time for CD4 test. I arrived at the newly relocated ARG clinic around 7 in the morning and the queue was already long. I was 18th on the line, there were like around 20 or 30 the most patients in line for test. 

ARG clinic is now located at 3rd floor of the same building. I think they went upstairs to accommodate the growing number of patients which was like being in a can of sardines when it was located downstairs. The new location is quite spacious, bright and well lit due to overlooking windows, this is great as patients can feel more relaxed. But, the lounge is not that comfy. Dark and heat-intense. I’d suggest they provision some fans along side the sofas and chairs. Nonetheless, it’s good.

By the way, I had a dream where I was falling in line to get my queue in ARG several months back. I think it’s deja vu.

As the line was being processed, I can’t help myself but to observe the patients – this is how I spend time waiting. Saw a few cute guys, there’s one who’s wearing eye glasses (Rudy Project, which adds to his cuteness) chinky and looks neat and clean. Totally my type, too bad, he’s with his partner. I don’t know, but am a magnet of partnered guys.

I was so anxious and wanted to be called as soon as possible as I went on fasting for 10 hours and was totally hungry. I got a bit irritated with the Rad Tech not calling my code. i went to ask her I my number was called and she horrendously scolded at me. I just said sarcastically, “How can I hear you calling me when I’m inside the other room where my blood is being extracted?”. I got inside to have my chest XRAY, she was now nicer and I forgave her.

I took my lunch with someone whom I sat beside with when waiting for the CD4 queue. He’s new and did his first set of tests. He was nice enough, but conversation wasn’t spontaneous so I decided to leave him. I hate awkward moments.

After lunch I went to the new waiting lounge for those who will have their check up. It’s beside the dog bite section, if am not mistaken. I arrived at the time where the guys and this PhilHealth officer are having chit chats and having some question and answer discussion. I most of the guys in the lounge were new. Kept quiet and listening to their open group discussion. Then came this guy, the macho-tattooed-happy-and-gay guy, I should say one of the cute that I saw but just so-so. He’s tattooed, somehow a gym guy… but like a sponge. Happy and gay. You know what I mean. The lounge turned into a mini comedy bar where this tattooed guy starts to make fun of the other guys – of course it was only meant for entertainment purposes. Things went lighter as time passes. I should say, this guy is hot if only he could be a power top – to my disappointment, he’s more than a power bottom. Oh chances.

As the time passes, so as the numbers being called. Others already went home. Around 2PM, my number was called for the check up. Checked my stats and went to the doctor to get me checked. The doctor prescribed Isoniazid, 6 months, for prophylaxis against Tubercolosis. Maybe I won’t do it. 

After the check up, I went back to the lounge to part ways. The tattooed guy asked for number and I went home along with some guys who are along the way. It was a good experience despite the hunger, irritation and lack of sleep.


Here are my stats:

CD: 740

Hemoglobin: normal (no longer anemic)

Weight: maintained at 73kg (5’10 height proportion)

PPD: normal, no swelling after couple of hours/days

Sputum test: skipped, I never liked this test. Ever.

Overall: 9/10