How To Interact With The Introveted

How To Interact With The Introveted

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No, it’s not the Spanish word for a clumsy, stupid person. Can’t really translate this Filipino slang into English, but maybe the closest one I can think of is being sheepish. It’s a situation where you are too “shy” or perhaps too self-conscious to pursue amorous and ardent acts.

The photo you are seeing is a result of my sneakiness and thorough research. It’s the Instagram account of the neighbor whom I’m having a crush on. Well initially, I really don’t know his identity up to the time when my WeChat radar saw him and his name. Ok, I got it. Went to Instagram, searched it and boom!

Seen him for years within the neighbor. Of course I don’t whether his straight or not. I really have no idea. Now I’m left checking his photos and eating my heart out.

Of course, I have no guts to approach or to do any kind of shit – in general. My introvert side is dominant. Maybe this is the reason why am I still single. Single for almost 7 years. I always wait for someone to initiate everything.

Can’t blame myself but, this is me.

Keeping Myself Busy


When doing something makes you happy… do it often.

I have been quite busy looking for cheap airline tickets, creating itineraries and flying almost every month. And I do it by myself.


It’s a self gratification. I just wish I can sustain this next year. Fingers crossed for another batch of cheap airline tickets.